Pesticides Spraying

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Pesticides aerial spraying is the preferred and, sometimes, the only way to prevent crops from destruction. The best advantage of such a technique is that it does not mind soft or wet soil.

To prevent any harm to people and wildlife, aerial spraying must be done following a very specific list of rules ascertained in The Pesticides Management Code, written by the Ministère du Développement durable, Environnement, Faune et Parcs. As a daily user of pesticides, we, as a company, are proud to follow the specific demands as they are requested in the Code to protect public health and nature.

Heli Mistral Service conforms to the Federal Regulatory Directive concerning Aerial Application of Pesticides (DIR96-04) which replaces Trade Memorandum T-1-213 – Aerial Application of Pesticides – dated April 1st, 1981, and Regulatory Proposal Pro93-02 – Aerial Application of Pesticides – dated June 15th, 1993.

Every time an employee works with pesticides, he has to comply with the most restrictive requirements. Depending on the product, sometimes it is the manufacturer’s, sometimes it is the government’s.