Crop Spraying

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Pesticides are commonly used on different types of crops to control weeds, fungal infections and pests. Those nuisances are responsible for the loss of tons of crops every year. For a farmer, those pesticides are, in most situations, the only way to keep his crops healthy. Otherwise, a disease could wipe out a whole field very quickly. Farmers are glad to know that we are a company that they can rely on if something goes wrong and fields must be sprayed in a short term delay.

Since 2010, Héli Mistral Service has improved its techniques to obtain an optimal spraying quality and increase harvest (from a study by Agri Marché) while sticking to the environmentally safe ideology of the company.

Spraying crops by helicopter provides a lot of benefits.

Compared to the tractor, the helicopter:

  • prevents soil compaction and crops from being crushed.
  • uses half of the water required for the mixing.
  • presses the product against every plant’s leaf, being helped by its downwash.
  • sprays around 100 acres per hour.
  • is noisy for a much shorter period of time.
  • does not contaminate water, air and soil as much.

Compared to the airplane, the helicopter:

  • flies slower and lower (around 5 feet over the crop).
  • offers a finishing touch more precise because it can spray closer to wires and trees.
  • sprays a higher percentage of the fields, thus providing a harvest of better quality.
  • accomplishes the job faster.
  • does not contaminate air and soil as much.
  • is not as noisy.